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Care Recommendations

When considering residential care for family members or friends it is a big responsibility. So what can be done to help in this process? You will want to do your best to ensure your relative receives good quality care to meet their needs and that they will be happy and comfortable.

If your relative is considering moving to a residential care home or a nursing home, the first step is to obtain needs assessment from the social services department of your local authority. Even if your relative plans to arrange, or pay for, a care home themselves, a needs assessment is very important as it provides a professional assessment of the type of care and support needed. This will help your relative choose a care home best suited to their needs. It can also make you aware of other care services available in your area that you might not have considered before.

All four countries in the United Kingdom have their own independent regulatory body responsible for keeping a register of care homes, and for checking them to ensure that they meet national standards:

  1. England: the Care Quality Commission -
  2. Northern Ireland: the Regulation and Quality Improvement Authority -
  3. Scotland: the Care Inspectorate -
  4. Wales: the Care and Social Services Inspectorate Wales -

If your friend or family member really wants to see what a care home is like, it might be possible to arrange a 'trial stay'. Everyone is different, so only do this if you think your relative would understand the reasons for the visit and benefit from it. You might also be able to arrange a short-term stay for respite care and this could be a good opportunity for them to see what it's like to be in a care home, even if it is only for a week or two.

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Submitted by Reg W - Friend of Resident
I am very happy to include my recommendation as they have looked after my friend Mary for years with absolute kindness and care, they pulled out all the stops in the final weeks of her life. Staff were all exceptional and they were constantly trying to make home and gardens ever better for the residents. Mary felt very happy and secure here.

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Submitted by Minnie S - Daughter
The care manager was welcoming upon arrival and completed a detailed assessment, which is the basis of my father's care plan. The staff are very friendly and professional, showing a good understanding of my father's medical conditions. The care plan is updated daily and communications with the manager and assistant managers, plus senior carers is excellent. The residents are encouraged to interact and there is a warm, friendly atmosphere at all times. We are very happy to recommend this home.

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Submitted by Paul N - Son in Law
My mother has been a resident here for about six years now and in that time I have never had reason for anything wrong. I am very happy to recommend this care home to anyone. The standards of care, cleanliness, food and all amenities are very high. A really happy atmosphere is present at all times. Led by Michaela, it is really a very good team.